The Year of the Maker

Setting goals for 2017

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2017 10:44 PM

Software is a big part of my life. It's what I do for a living, and I spend free time on side projects. This year, I'm going to set some goals around projects I will work on. Too often these side projects sit around collecting dust on my hard drive and in my thoughts. So, even though I'm a bit late for resolutions, here's a list of projects I'm committing to.



  • Build a Smart Mirror
    • I've already built a mirror in early February, and it will be the topic of a future post. Look at that, already making progress!
  • Alexa Skills Kit
    • I received an Alexa for Christmas, and I've made a small skill to get my roommates hyped up. I'm looking into voice integration with the smart mirror. 
  • Setup a Raspberry Pi Home Network
    • I continue to be amazed at the flexibility of the raspberry pi. From game emulator to an ssh server, it really can do it all. I want to take some more steps into home automation, and the raspberry pi is perfect for the job. This is the area that I have the least experience in, and I still don't have a good idea on where to start. I'll keep looking into this.
  • Slack Integrations
    • My team uses Slack at work, and we're addicted to it! I'm currently working with the team on an integration for recognizing coworkers when they go the extra mile. 
    • I'm kicking around ideas for a text-based adventure for slack, similar to this pokemon battle integration, but think more D&D.
  • Umbraco
    • This is a CMS we use for clients at work, and I'm looking to learn how we can better leverage it.

So there it is, my list of projects for 2017. I'm sure I'll be adding on more as the year progresses, but these are the ones I have the most interest in. I've already made great strides in the Smart Mirror and Slack goals, and I'm looking forward to what I can learn from the rest of these projects.



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